past exhibitions

8 December: "Continue ahead"

M35 avd Tjuvholmen

8 July: "composed chaos"

Fredriksvern Verf, Stavern, Oslo

In a chaotic and unpredictable world, the uncontrollable creates a desire for control. The magic of presence disappears in the desire to anticipate the unpredictable, as well as the human need for control over situations. The exhibition calls into question the emphasis on yesterday's tragedy, as well as tomorrow's concerns, which overshadow the presence in the present. All the works have unpredictable mediums, which create vigilance and closeness to the moment.

1st april 2022: "Under the skin"

M35 Tjuvholmen, Oslo, Norway

"The works in the exhibition are a window into a person's inner life. I want to bring out the complexity and uniqueness of humans. The images balance on a fine line from the abstract and impulsive to the more realistic and well thought out. With the help of several mediums that work separately, much is left to the free imagination and the imaginary."